Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Ogletree MGA is Back to Rude Health

Regular readers of this blog may remember the post about the club's trip to the PBCA Brits on the Bay car show in April. I wrote about the breakdown of Robb Ogletree's beautiful black MGA on the return trip and the diagnosis of a connecting rod-created picture window in the engine block.

The MGA is now back in Robb's possession after a lengthy stay at Mike Darby's British car spa in Silverhill. Robb purchased an MGB 1800 engine from fellow SABCC member Stuart Waddington after a long search for a replacement 1622 came to naught. Stuart rebuilt the 1800 in short order and delivered it to Mike who handled the installation of the new power plant.

Robb is pleased with the extra power that the 1800cc engine provides and certainly happy to have his car back. We look forward to seeing him out in it again, soon.

Photos courtesy of Robb Ogletree

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  1. Rodney, Hopefully it will be seen Saturday morning at the "Mugs & Motors". Robb


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