Monday, October 17, 2011

SABCC Movie Night

The third annual SABCC Movie Night is scheduled for Saturday, November 19th at the Garagemahal Theater and Oil Change Emporium in Daphne. Better known as the spacious garage and workshop that belongs to SABCC'ers Richard and Donna Cunningham, the theater will be set up for your movie viewing pleasure along with an honest-to-goodness theater type popcorn machine, concession style candy and soft drinks.

We traditionally have Movie Night for a hot August event, but this year we're moving to November due to the full activities calendar we've had. As always, the members of the Panhandle British Car Association and the Mardi Gras MGs are invited as well. 

We will be showing Tucker: The Man and His Dream on a new, larger screen and kicking sound system. The main feature rolls at 7:30PM but there will be a few short subjects prior to the start of the film. Be sure to bring your own comfy chair.

See you at the movies! 

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