Saturday, October 6, 2012

Annual SABCC Ice Cream Social A Huge Hit

Some of the cars present
Over the last decade or so, October on the SABCC activity calendar has been taken up by British Car Festival. Recently, the club's annual ice cream social claimed early October as its own. Today, the latest edition of the well-loved event is officially in the books.

The home of the social is the spacious garage of Richard and Donna Cunningham's Daphne, Alabama home. While Richard makes sure that most of his (or his friend's) projects are put away to provide room for the serving and dining tables, Donna works feverishly to create 6 to 8 gallons of homemade ice cream. Of course, this does not take place overnight since Donna begins her ice cream production as early as August.

Dick Bishop Makes a Recommendation that Michael King Ignores
Around 50 family members of SABCC, the Panhandle British Car Association and the Mardi Gras MGs gathered to enjoy each other's company and the treats of the day. Donna laid on a generous bowl of chicken salad and croissants to begin the event while she put out the ice cream and toppings. The savories were munched while some of the gang watched college football and others compared notes on the finer points of British car maintenance.  

When the arrival of the ice cream was announced a line quickly formed to scoop portions of the chocolate, vanilla and strawberry delights. A number of attendees brought along children or grandchildren to the social and each of them enjoyed making their own perfect sundaes or banana splits. 
Good Eats - Good Company

A bit of business was transacted in the form of a presentation of this year's British Car Festival souvenir T-shirts. the shirts are emblazoned with this year's artwork celebrating the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the MGB along with the logos of the businesses who are generously supporting the show. Show Chairman Michael King reported on the show site walk-through performed earlier in the day.

BCF T-Shirt
While the adults settled into their ice cream creations, the youngsters present burned off their caloric intake by playing ball or throwing Frisbees on the lawn. 

As the sun reached the horizon, goodbyes were said and the well-fed bunch went on their way. The club is once again indebted to Richard and Donna and those who volunteered to bring toppings, help with the setup or takedown. 


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  1. It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed having so many people over to enjoy the ice cream and visiting with good friends. Lots of great cars and people from all over the world... well, besides here and Pensacola, we had visitors from South Louisiana and Great Britain. All in all, it was as near a perfect day as there could be.


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