Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cat Scratch Fever

The long Memorial Day weekend afforded me a couple of opportunities to do car stuff with buddies from the club. Last Saturday, our intrepid NEWSLETTER editor, Richard Cunningham and I popped down to Silverhill, Alabama to take in the annual car show there. It's a big event for the little community and the purpose is to raise funds for the local library.
I rode shotgun with Richard in his newly-tuned Jaguar XJS V12 (yeah, baby) on the way down. On the way back, he kindly invited me to drive. Nothing could have prepared me for the turbine-smooth power from the V12. Literally, the more I pressed the go pedal, the more my head was pushed back into the headrest. More impressively, this 20 year-old example was tight and rattle free - even with 100,000+ miles on the clock.
The next day was a traditional SABCC event - the annual Lawn Party at St. John's Catholic church in Magnolia Springs, Alabama. My transport this time was my faithful Mini - 70 MPH is as fast as I can pedal. The Mini is fun, but the Jag is seriously posh. I wonder how much plasma I would need to sell to get one?

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