Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hark! The Herald's Axles Swing

SABCC'er Mike Darby shared a story about a relative in England who nearly had a catastrophic end to a drive in a Triumph Herald. It seems that quick direction changes at speed can cause the independent rear suspension to come unstuck and make the car take a new, unplanned course. The swing axle rear was similar to that used in VW Beetles and Chevy Corvairs. At least the engine was in the right end of the Herald...

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  1. I was the driver. The car belonged to a relative -- my twin sister, Liz. The resultant sudden change in direction almost put me through my dentist's front door. Don't think I ever told Liz - she probably won't read ths blog. That Herald Estate was almost as unstable as my Reliant 3-Wheeler.


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