Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Thrill of Victory - The Agony of Defeat

The Mini has not been well lately. It seems that it somehow ingested air in the brake lines during the trip down to St. John's Lawn Party and I've been both too busy and too sorry to go into the garage to look into it. I had a blessed week off work and Richard Cunningham offered to help out. We adjusted and bled stoppers. They worked great and I drove down to his garage to do a couple of other things to it, like mount my new/old 1973 Alabama license plate.

While we were there, we decided to look into the bleed issue again to make sure that we go
t all the air out. While we were doing the 'pump-bleed' thing, a bleed nipple stripped the threads out of the wheel cylinder. So, the old girl is sitting quietly in Daphne waiting on a new (and hopefully better) wheel cylinder to arrive from Nevada.

Update - It appears that the vendor upgraded my shipping to Priority Mail. Mighty decent of them.

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