Monday, August 31, 2009

SABCC Movie Night - Fast Fun!

The first SABCC movie night was certainly a hit. Nearly 30 SABCC'ers came to the inaugural event at the Garagemahal Theatre.

The movie night was hosted by the always gracious Richard and Donna Cunningham at their home in Daphne. They worked very hard to transform their large garage building (the Garagemahal) into a not-too-shabby movie theatre.

When the movie goers arrived, they were met the by the aroma of freshly-popped popcorn, courtesy of the popcorn machine ably operated by our own popcornmeister Jack Ross. The screen area of the theatre was separated by eight foot tall black drapes that kept the movie theatre darkened from lighted concession area. Ice cold soft drinks, yummy candy and hot coffee were there for the enjoyment of the patrons.

Early arrivers were treated to a series of Little Rascals shorts prior to the start of the feature film. Everyone found the perfect place for their chairs and settled in for the showing of Grand Prix starring James Garner. The film was a long one - three hours - but time for an intermission midway through gave everyone a chance to refill popcorn bags and pick up another soft drink.

With the feature film ending around 10:00PM, the happy film fans packed their gear and headed home. Nearly everyone there asked about another movie night at some point in the future. Maybe the club can organize a short drive and a group dinner prior to the next one.

The club certainly thanks Richard and Donna for their hard work and generosity in hosting this fun event.

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