Friday, September 4, 2009

A Cool Commercial to Start Your Labor Day Weekend

Some of you know that I enjoy a Scotch whisky once in a while. My preference runs toward fine single malts, but I rarely have the budget to cover the desire.

One of the best known Scotches in the world is Johnnie Walker. This blended Scotch whisky has a fascinating story story told in a six minute commercial starring actor Robert Carlyle. I don't know how many takes were required to nail the commercial, but his timing is perfect. Take a break and watch it.

One of Johnnie Walker's descendants, Rob Walker, played an important role in Formula 1 racing in the early '60s through the '70s. Rob Walker was a privateer team owner when it was still possible to do such a thing. Rob would purchase whatever car seemed to have a good chance at being competitive and then recruit the talent to drive them. Some of Rob's drivers included Sterling Moss and Graham Hill and he entered Coopers and Lotuses painted in the (unofficial) Scottish racing colors of blue and white. Rob was also a correspondent for Road & Track magazine - I devoured his dispatches about Formula 1 racing.

So, enjoy the video and if you are so inclined, raise a glass of amber liquid.


  1. An excellent video and the Perthshire scenery is magnificent - the low cloud and dull day typify what the Highlands can be like.

    On a sad note, Johnnie Walker is owned by Diageo, the largest multinational beer, wine and spirits company in the world and in their July restructuring plans announced that they plan to close the Kilmarnock bottling and packaging plant and transfer the business to sites on the East coast of Scotland.

    This will result in the loss of some 700 jobs in Kilmarnock and a name that has been synonomous with the town since 1820 will move elsewhere!

  2. A very enjoyable film - beautiful scenery, great actor and true story, yet I'm left with a nagging sense of irony...


    The company use Johnnie Walker to make millions world-wide due to it being the most recognisable whisky "brand" on the planet, not to mention the ongoing corporate sponsorship deal with F1 team Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes and other major sporting events. Yet the same company, who have used Kilmarnock in their own advertising, have rejected an offer from the Scottish Government to keep Johnnie Walker in the town this very month.

    I wonder what the "victorian farm-born grocer" would have thought of this?

    Looks like he just stopped walking - in Kilmarnock anyway!

    Just a thought.


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