Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tour of the Empire's India Visit

This year, we planned to 'visit' several former members of the British Empire by dining at local restaurants that serve cuisine from those nations. Our first was 'Hong Kong' and this evening SABCC'ers turned out in force for the India stop of the Empire tour.

Most of the gang had never tried Indian food before and some of the dish names were a bit confusing. Most of the diners made team decisions on what to order. Several club members ordered tandoori dishes and were pleased with the results. The naan bread was universally liked as well.

While the food was delicious, the service left something to be desired. Apparently the kitchen was a bit understaffed and the orders came out at the rate of two at a time. It took about an hour for the group to be completely served. We spent the time visiting, sharing tastes of each others dishes and giggling at the Bollywood song and dance numbers showing on the television.

Since the songs were not in English, several of us made up English lyrics for them. We figured that the songs might be old Broadway show tunes that were being recycled. At least this one wasn't on the playlist.

The 25 or so members who attended had a great time and most said that they were looking forward to the next stop on the Tour of the Empire.

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