Sunday, October 4, 2009

If You Feed Them, They Will Come

The annual SABCC ice cream social was - as expected - well attended and fun. The umpteenth annual (I've lost count) event was again held at the Garagemahal Ice Cream Parlor and Oil Change Emporium at the home of Richard and Donna Cunningham in Daphne.

The ice cream social has become a regional event with members of the Panhandle British Car Association and the Mardi Gras MGs participating along with a strong turnout of SABCC members. A quick count determined that 56 British car enthusiasts/ice cream lovers were in attendance. The 'British-Only' parking area was completely filled with all manner of British cars - it was almost a British Car Festival itself.

Many gallons of real honest-to-goodn
ess homemade ice cream was on ice, courtesy of Donna Cunningham. Toppings and other sweet goodies were brought by several members who volunteered to help. Donna even had a bowl of fine chicken salad along with fresh croissants for something a little more substantial.

Richard had the Sony PlayStation set up with GranTurismo 4 ready for head to head driving competition with two steering wheel/pedal controllers. The game stayed busy with b
udding Fangios trying their hand at high speed laps at famous racecourses around the world.

Club president Noel Eagleson made a few announcements regarding British Car Festival and then turned the floor over to past SABCC president Dick Bishop for news about funeral arrangements for MGMG's Moody Stedham who passed away unexpectedly.

Alan and Debbie McDonald, long time SABCC'ers were at the ice cream social and collected their recently awakened MGB from the Garagemahal and took it home with them under its own power for the first time in about seven years.

The club owes the Cunninghams a special thank you for again hosting this fun event.

Photos courtesy of Richard Cunningham

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