Monday, November 23, 2009

Mug & Motors a Rain Magnet?

It seems that way. Of the four M & M events we've had this year, three of them were held under the threat of - or actual - rain.

This month's event was at Serda's on Royal Street in downtown Mobile. The place was really nice with great coffee and baked goodies. The atmosphere was pleasant in the old, re-purposed building. Of course, the company was first class with about a dozen SABCC'ers making it to the coffee house.

The threat of rain (100% chance) kept most of the group in snug modern cars. The handful of classic British motors were parked on Royal Street and drew a steady stream of admirers.

We'll do a few more Mugs & Motors events next year - we might even have some official Mugs & Motors coffee mugs to hand out as event door prizes. Stay tuned!

Photo courtesy of Ron Wolverton

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