Saturday, November 28, 2009

When Did You Become a Car Guy (or Gal)?

I've had an interest in cars almost all my life with the afterburners kicking in during my teen years. Then as now, my interest was in nimble, good handling cars - mostly of British manufacture.

And I know exactly when I became a car guy - my dad took me to see the 1964 Mustang in April of 1964. He cajoled the salesman at the local Ford dealer in St. Charles, Missouri to let us see the car the evening before it was to be officially revealed to the public. We went back to the service department in the old brick building that housed the dealership and there, under a white tarp, sat the coolest silhouette that I had ever seen.

The salesman made a dramatic flourish and whipped the tarp off a white Mustang coupe. I was in awe. I was a car guy. Do you have a similar story? Be sure to share it in the comments section.

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