Monday, January 18, 2010

The New MG6

Most you know that MG is now owned by the Chinese firm SAIC. They've been cranking out the Former Rover 75 in China and have restarted (in fits and jerks) production of the (modern) MGTF in Longbridge, Birmingham, UK.

The first car designed under the current ownership is the new MG6 saloon. I've posted a YouTube video of the teaser ad developed for the Chinese market. I note - with no small sense of irony - that the actors are westerners and the theme of the ad is 'freedom'.

The above-mentioned Rover 75 is now badged 'Roewe' 750 and is loosely pronounced 'wrongway'. To the Chinese ear, it apparently sounds similar to the original Rover name. You remember that the Rover name is owned by Tata - the current owners of Jaguar.

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