Monday, March 29, 2010

1929 Austin Parked Since 1961 - Starts on the First Crank!

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that an Austin 12/4 fabric bodied saloon was started for the first time in five decades on one turn of the crank handle:

The fabric-bodied motor was owned by Mr Bulled’s late father, Leslie, who had been given it by his parents when it was brand new and straight off the forecourt.

Mr Bulled, 63, said he discovered the old car whilst going through his father’s possessions shortly after his death in 2008.

He was too frightened to start the engine up fully in case it ruined the car, but is now putting it up for sale to allow an expert to restore it fully and hopefully get it onto the road.

He said: “I pumped up the tyres and they stayed up. The rubber is cracked but the inner tubes are obviously still intact, which is remarkable really.

"And the engine turned over when we tried it with the starter handle, but I didn't try to start her up in case I did any damage but I'm sure it would go.

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