Saturday, April 3, 2010

MG Saturday

My brother, Alan and I spent a fine Saturday afternoon driving our '76 MGBs along the Eastern Shore bay front. Our long-suffering spouses joined us for the ride and they really got into the navigation chores (Note: I did not say "Telling us what to do".)

The weather was overcast, but pleasant. Traffic was surprisingly heavy on Scenic 98 south of Fairhope - it seems like everyone got outside today!

We came back through Fairhope and stopped for a cup of joe at the Coffee Loft. We pretty well had the place to ourselves while we sipped our coffee and nibbled on sweet treats.

We convoyed back up Scenic 98 through Montrose and Daphne and parted ways at the 98- I10 interchange. Alan reported that he put around 80 miles on his car.

Now I need to get the Mini's brakes sorted so I can get her outside!

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