Friday, April 30, 2010

What Started it All

People ask me from time to time when I first became interested in British cars, or just cars in general. Believe it or not, I know when it was exactly.

It was 1959 and my family was living in Sioux City, Iowa and one my dad's co-workers took delivery of a new Triumph TR3. If my memory serves ( I was four years old at the time) it was light pastel green. I remember riding on my mom's lap while Mr. Ziller drove us around and I was fascinated with the low cut doors and growly exhaust note.

Fast forward to 1973 and and friend of mine had a TR3 banger that he drove. I got to drive it few times and it was everything I thought a sports car should be. The next month he tells that he sold it because the brakes were pulling to one side. I never got a chance to make him an offer.

He sold it for $100.00

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