Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And Now for Something Really Different

Once in a while this humble blog will put out nuggets of useful information instead of the normal effluvia you've gotten used to. Here's one for you. How can you tell if the sheet rubber you've got is OK for contact with petroleum products? All black rubber looks alike, right?

You'll need a solid copper wire, a flame source and sample of the rubber in question. Heat the wire in the flame until it is quite hot. Smear a sample of the rubber on the hot copper wire and place the rubber and wire slightly above the flame - not exactly in it. The flame from the rubber on the wire will tell you what you need to know:
  • Green flame is neoprene or hypalon - Good for hydrocarbons
  • Orange flame is EPDM - Not good for hydrocarbons
  • No flame at all is most likely viton or silicone
My crack legal team advises me that you assume all risk in using this method and for the results therefrom.

So there.

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