Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Candy Store This Kid Wants to Browse

While I feel like I'm firmly grounded in reality, no real car guy can resist a little automotive fantasy now and then. One of my favorite places to visit via the web is Wire Wheel Classic Sports Cars. I first ran across the folks from Wire Wheel during my forays to the Rolex 24 at Daytona in the early aughts. Wire Wheel would bring a couple of interesting cars to show at the vendors corral and they always found time to run them on the parade laps prior to the start of the race.

Wire Wheel specializes in mostly British iron. They normally have a good selection of TRs and MGs, but they also have the occasional TVR, Lotus or other unusual marque. For a while, they seemed to have the US market for Marcoses cornered. They also have an interesting array classic and modern competition cars on hand. If you look hard enough you'll see that they have been able bring in some "not legal for use on public roads" cars - an MG-ZT260 for example.

Right now they've got a Lotus Europa Twin Cam in eye bleed green that's got my juices flowing. My enthusiasm is high, but my bank balance is low. Ah, fantasy.

Photo courtesy of Wire Wheel Classic Sports Cars

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