Friday, August 27, 2010

Looking Better with a Lid?

Most of you know that I own an MGB roadster (tourer?) and I certainly enjoy open air motoring. A top down drive puts you closer to the world around you and you discover that there are cool spots near water, flowers by the roadside are fragrant and the wind in the hair (that's left) is a pleasant experience.

There are, however more than a few cars that look better (in my humble opinion) in their closed version. Flame away if you must, but here's my list of the more attractive tin tops:

MGA Coupe

I love the rounded roof line and I think it gives the MGA a more athletic look. It also came with a more civilized interior and it had genuine door pulls (!).

Jaguar XK Series

The XK series cars were some of the most beautiful cars that England ever produced. Granted, by the time of the XK-150, the sporty Jag had gotten a bit large, but it still had the same gorgeous family look. The XK-120 in coupe form is somewhat reminiscent of prewar French coachbuilt cars. The wheel spats suit this car, too.

Jaguar E-Type

OK, my asbestos underwear is on for this one. My personal preference in E-Types is the coupe. To me, nothing says style and grace more than the E-Type coupe. The flowing lines are much more graceful and the side hinged hatch is just cool.

Triumph GT6

Right, I know this is not a roofed Triumph Spitfire, but just look at it. The flowing roofline takes the humble Spitfire in a new direction, looking much more muscular than the open Spit. A poor man's E-Type? Maybe. Very pretty? Definitely.

That's my short list - tell me about yours or tell me why I'm wrong. Go ahead, I'm used to it.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree w/ your list, (although you may be pushing it a bit w/ the E-Type...)
    There are some modern classics out there as well that look better as coupes than droptops. The Audi TT is at the top of that list, and most 911's from the 80's through the 996's also look better as coupes IMHO...


  2. Your comments certainly have merit and I admit that the coupes have their advantages, especially in inclement weather, but when you boil it all down I'd have to go a roadster. Then again, maybe a removable hard top or while I'm dreaming why not just have one of each.

  3. Obviously, I totally agree with you on the E-Type. The GT6 definitely had it's beginnings with the Spitfire. David Hobbs actually drove a Fastback Spitfire at LeMans back in the day.

  4. I wanted to link to your blog since I just finished doing a rendering of one of the two Donald Healey fixed head Healey Hundreds. You can see it on "Looking Back Racing" which is on Facebook. Your shot of the hardtop MGA was a good one to compare this with, and if you are amenable to my flipping it around to face left and reposting it there I will be most grateful.


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