Thursday, October 14, 2010

E15 Fuels Are on the Way

By now you've probably read the stories about the effects of running 10% ethanol in our classic cars. There have been several studies that indicate that E10 will affect the rubber fuel lines, gaskets and other components that contain fuel. A leak in a fuel-containing component is not a happy thought. Neither is the idea of water dropping out of solution and creating a puddle in the bottom of the fuel tank.

The EPA has announced that gasoline with 15% ethanol will be in pumps in a matter months. This move is bound to make large farming companies (Archer Daniels Midland, for one) even larger. Political payback or farsighted energy policy - that's for you to decide.

Bet this will make your morning bowl of corn flakes more pricey, too.

Update - The nice folks over at the Hemmings blog put up a link to - -a web site listing gas stations dispensing uncut, pure gasoline. Check out this post at Hemmings for more details.

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