Monday, December 6, 2010

And Now, This Word from Our Sponsors

OK, maybe not a sponsor but I wanted to let the three of you who read this humble blog know that there is a very nice Jaguar E-Type bonnet for sale and it happens to belong to Richard Cunningham and me. 

Some of you may recall that Richard and I bought a 1969 coupe a couple of years ago with a plan to break it for spares. In the time that's passed we've shipped parts all over the world, keeping other E-Types on the road and modestly funding our car-related interests. We've got several large pieces left, most notably the body tub and bonnet. The tub has rust in the sills, floor and boot (no surprise there, right?) but is pretty straight everywhere else. The doors are gone, but we have the hatch. If you have a slightly bent SII E-Type, this tub will yield some very nice body panels.

The bonnet is in very nice condition, barring some surface corrosion and a couple of curb dings under the chin. This is an original bonnet that has had a couple of coats of paint in the past. It will need media blasting and fairing of the corrosion areas on the top, but it would be very easy for an accomplished restorer to do. We will sell the bonnet for a fraction of the cost of an inferior reproduction unit.

The photo does not really do the bonnet justice. The last paint was dark maroon and it has faded to flat brown. The coat under the maroon is light grey. Altogether, it looks more scruffy than it really is. The pieces are located in Daphne, Alabama and I would be happy to forward photos on request.

Now, back to our irregularly scheduled programming.

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