Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Website for Healey Lovers

I do love a big Healey. The rumbling six cylinder sound of the later cars is certainly music to my ears - almost as captivating as a well tuned Jaguar E-Type.

One that got away from me during my teenage years was a tatty Austin Healey 100-6. The car was listed in the Sunday paper for $650.00 and it was located just off lower Dauphin Island Parkway - my stomping grounds. I drove up in my beater of an Oldsmobile and the the owner just looked out his window. Obviously I was not worth coming out of his house for and he was right. I did look the car over and it reinforced my desire for one. Of course, I didn't have the bucks and likely would not any time soon. Needless to say, I left the same way I arrived. It made me hate my poverty.

We've been lucky to welcome a number of these beautiful cars to our British Car Festivals over the years and I always linger over them during the show.

There's a great Web site dedicated to these most hairy-chested of British sports cars and I'm sure that most Austin-Healey owners know of it. Check out and be prepared for a well designed site that will keep your attention.

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