Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MG's New Look

You don't have to look far to find a version of The MG Car Company's history. First owned as personal property of William Morris (later Sir William; later Lord Nuffield), MG was controlled by Morris Motors, then by British Motor Corporation, then by British Motor Holdings, then by British Leyland, Rover Group, British Aerospace, BMW, MG-Rover and now by Shanghai Auto Industry Corporation.

Throughout the years since Cecil Kimber first developed his Morris-with-a-difference, the MG flame has been kept alive by a secession of both passionate managers and eager enthusiasts. It is no different today. Even though the head office is now half a world away, MGs are going to be built in England once more after a hiatus a few years. 

MG is introducing the new-to-Europe MG6 saloon car (that's a sedan, cowboy) in the UK at the historic Longbridge assembly plant. Along with the new MG6, MG is unveiling a new badge. Gone is the traditional brown and cream "sculpted" badge and in its place a silver "three dimensional" look logo over field of red. 

I'm an old guy that likes old cars, but I think I'm going to need a little time to let this new look grow on me. 

No, you can't buy an MG6 in the US of A.

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