Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Alabama Astons

Aston Martins aren't exactly thick on the ground here in South Alabama, so it was with some surprise that I saw two examples of the storied marque in one day. I'm sure Aston sightings are not all that unusual in the larger metropolitan areas of Atlanta or Houston but here on the central Gulf Coast it really is out of the ordinary.

I could do orange...
I was with Mike Darby in his MGA  returning from the February Mugs & Motors event when we noticed the first one of the day. It was a rather tasty dark green Vantage that we spotted on Hillcrest Road pulling into a local eatery. It was driven by a lady (obviously of means) and she was none too gentle with it. She certainly knew where the loud pedal was as she was crossing four lanes of traffic in a hurry to get to the restaurant. 

Later that same day, my long-suffering spouse and I were heading into a grocery store in Daphne to buy our rations for the week. A lovely black DB9 convertible was idling while parked in a handicap spot (with the proper credentials, of course). The older gentleman behind the wheel seemed to be enjoying the stereo while he waited on his companion to return.The car had a dealer card from Aston Martin Palm Beach in place of the license plate. Apparently it was still on break-in mileage as the car looked fresh off the boat new. I just had to pause to listen to the intoxicating exhaust burble of the six liter V12 while it turned dead dinosaurs into greenhouse gasses. 

Yes, it is better to be rich.


  1. I'm afraid I have converted a few dead dinosaurs myself. :-)

  2. I know what you mean. I saw a Ferrari in Orange Beach a couple of weeks ago and I let the window down as it passed me so I could hear that wonderful exhaust note!


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