Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Mini Guy in a Mini Shirt by a Mini

Let's go, Papa!
My sharp-eyed wife took me into a local kids clothing store so she could see what sort of bargains she could find for our brood of grandchildren. I normally go along for the ride since she is a good sport about my automotive addictions. Inside the shop she said "there's the Mini!"  THE Mini usually means the one in our garage and I knew it was safely at home. Following her, I saw that it was a boy's tee shirt with an appliqued car in the shape of a classic Mini.

What stopped me in my tracks was that it was the same seventies-tastic color scheme that our car carried - Bracken (not "poo brown", you in the back) with a white roof. It was settled  - we had to get it for our youngest grandson Grady. 

Here he is modeling his latest wardrobe addition.

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