Friday, April 1, 2011

Revival of the Morris Marque

See any Saturn SC2 Coupe DNA here?
Certain Chinese automotive websites are reporting that the beloved Morris marque may soon be headed for revival. While the power of Google translations is a bit limited, I've been able to glean these unbelievable tidbits:

  • The current owners of the Morris name will produce a line of small, moderately priced cars and badge them Morris
  • The cars will be built on old Saturn platforms that were purchased by the same firm when GM went through bankruptcy
  • It is planned to sell Morrises in developing countries and in the UK where the marque name still has a fanatic following
  • It is not known whether Top Gear will drop pianos on any of the new Morris vehicles
From the best I can determine from the translations:

"Spokesman Hiu Jhok Mie said 'We intend to make this fine British car name even more British by using lots of wood on the inside of the car.'"  

Look for the introduction of the new Morris marque next year sometime around April 1st followed shortly thereafter by Lord Nuffield rolling over in his grave.


  1. The funny thing is that as a longtime Morris Minor owner and enthusiast in the US (Have owned over 50 on the little beauties!), and a present Chrysler PT Cruiser nut (we have bigger engines and turbo versions in the US), This would be a perfect way to reuse the PT tooling that has gone obsolete since the lines were shut down late last year - There are quite a few things similar beyond front door shape and great utility, and remember, the Minor was originally designed with front wheel drive. I wonder if it will ever make it to India or China - Baby Hindustan, anyone??????


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