Saturday, June 11, 2011

Annual SABCC Picnic and Al Fresco Club Meeting

The British car parking area
June has been the traditional month for the annual SABCC family picnic. Why we chose the one of the hotter months of the year is beyond me, but it is a well attended event - sweltering weather or not. Once again, the club membership asked to return to the lovely Oscar Johnson Memorial Park in quaint Silverhill, Alabama. We were very pleased to see that the small town made a few improvements to the park -  one of them being a pint-sized covered bridge across the creek that borders the park.

John Shaw gives Sandy Walter a preview
In a slight break from the traditional hamburger and hot dog fare, our own John and Barbara Shaw offered to treat the club to a chicken and sausage jambalaya lunch. The club membership brought along various dessert and salad dishes to share on the serving table.

The line forms here
John and Barbara arrived early at the park to set up their very impressive jambalaya cooking rig and get the south Louisiana treat on to cook. A cast iron coking pot sat in the middle of a gas burner on wheels simmering away and perfuming the east side of town with the mouth watering aroma of lunch. Ron Wolverton and Becky Kramer along with Richard Cunningham dropped by early to help with the dining arrangements in the pavilion. By the time the majority of the membership arrived, the serving table was covered in tasty dishes and the jambalaya was ready to serve.

Grace was said by Philip Kreis and the line formed for lunch. Heaping plates of good things to eat were carried to the picnic tables and the conversation died down to near silence while the hungry crowd ate. Soon, seconds were deemed to be in order and they were found to be as delicious as the first helpings.
Jack Ross models his headgear

Club President, Noel Eagleson, sensed that appetites were sated enough that the business portion of the meeting could begin. First on the agenda was selection of a charity to receive a donation from part of British Car Festival's proceeds. It was determined by the membership that we will make a donation to Faulkner State Community College - Fairhope Campus for use as the school sees fit. It was pointed out in the discussion prior to the vote that we have used the Faulkner facilities for club activities for a number years and the school has never asked for any fee or other remuneration in exchange.

The highlight of the day, however, was the judging of the decorated straw straw hats that President Eagleson requested the membership to wear. There were levels of participation from "over the top" to "this is a straw hat, right?" Noel appointed two impartial judges and they selected a first and second place for both women and men. The winners were:

  • Linda Ross - first place -with a British pop culture themed hat
    The obligatory group photo
  • Becky Kramer - second place - with a springtime flowers theme
  • Tom Schmitz - first place - with a Mardi Gras theme
  • Your Humble Scribe - second place - with a classic Mini theme  
Gift cards from Stein Mart and Harbor Freight Tools were handed out to the winners.

Noel closed the meeting, reminding everyone that the next one would be the fourth Tuesday in July at the Lake Forest Yacht Club in Daphne.  


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