Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fergus Motors- New York

Courtesy Morgan History Info
I ran across this gem of a photograph while trolling the net and it is a great example of how a number of  European auto manufacturers found customers in the US - through independent small importers.

The photo is featured on Hermen Pol's website Morgan History Info - a site with something for any Morgan enthusiast. Based in the Netherlands, Pol offers a more scholarly approach to marque enthusiasm. Any Morgan aficionado will find enough information here to waste an afternoon or two.     

Fergus Motors of New York was the official regional  importer of  a number of European marques with Morgan, Standard-Triumph and Alvis among them. The photo captures one of the firm's showrooms (there were three) with a rather tasty selection of cars on the street and inside the two story showroom.

See if you can identify them.


  1. My name is Cliff Gorham, I have a 1937 Daimler DB 17-1 Saloon, that was sold by Fergus Motor Company. To the Knowledge of the Daimler car clubs this is the only one in the United States, and 1 of only 2 in the world, the 1937 was only produced OCT - Dec 1937, then changes were made to create the DB -18,
    I am here in Springfield, Mo.

  2. 2nd from the right ground floor is a Singer roadster - Peter McKercher, Singer historian

  3. I have an English Ford Zephyr Zodiac, I think it's a 54-55, not sure as it has no title, it was sold By Fergus Motors, it has an ID plate under the hood that says 14771

  4. I have a 1952 Siata Daina that was imported and sold by Fergus Motors of New York City. Any information on it`s history would be much appreciated.

  5. My husband and I have a Triumph Mayflower - Type 1200T imported and sold by Fergus Motors of New York City. This car is number 14028 on the Fergus name plate attached to the engine compartment wall.


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