Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Monument to Triumph

Near a sidewalk in the British city of Canley stands a rather imposing monument to a couple of marques no longer in production. Standard and later Triumph cars were but two of a number car lines built in the heart of Britain's industrial center - Coventry. Sadly, very little remains of this important chapter in the British motor industry.

This lovely stainless steel rendering of the Standard-Triumph wings or "book" logo is sited at the location of the Triumph factory on Herald Avenue, near the Standard-Triumph Club. The inscription on the plaque reads - in part - "dedicated to the manufacturers and employees of Standard and Triumph motor vehicles, whose cars were built on this site from 1919-1980".

Today, the Triumph marque name is owned by BMW which causes rumors of a Triumph revival to crop up frequently.

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