Saturday, February 11, 2012

SABCC's Introduction to Rugby

The club watched the weather forecast for this week very closely as the predictions went from sun to clouds to rain then wind for the Saturday activity of attending a rugby match as a group. As it turned out a bright sun and a steady north wind kept the day bitterly cold (for our part of the world) and sunny. 

A few of the cars present
We elected to attend a home match of the Battleship Rugby Football Club - their home (and season) opening match against the Jackson, Mississippi club and we had a great time on the day. Rugby in Mobile has a long history and I'm surprised that we haven't been sooner than this.Thankfully, we have a number of club members from the UK who graciously - and patiently -explained the sport to us newbies and this gave us a deeper understanding of what all the action on the field was about.
Noel Eagleson (center) explains it all
SABCC invited the Mardi Gras MG club to attend with us and they were parked near the pitch when I arrived shortly after 12 noon. No sooner than they had their collection of UK flags in the ground the Battleship team suggested that we should perhaps move to the opposite side of the pitch since it was upwind and less likely to have stray rugby balls bouncing around the cars. Taking their advice, we prudently moved making the cold north wind blow at our backs instead of our faces.
Some of the day's action on the pitch
Shortly afterward, the SABCC contingent began to roll in and we watched the "junior" rugby teams play prior to the start of the featured match. Everyone bundled themselves up and found the perfect spot for their folding chair near the pitch. It wasn't long, however, that we found ourselves walking up and down the pitch to be able to follow the action more closely. 

Becky Kramer stays warm
Both Stewart Waddington and Noel Eagleson were much in demand for information as to what was happening on the pitch. They generously took time to explain the goings-on in front us. For those of us accustomed to American football the sight of a ball carrier suddenly drop-kicking the rugby ball ahead of him was a little jolting. 

Midway through the first half the Mardi Gras elected to retire and find warmth. I can't say that I blame them. Most of the SABCC group gutted it out and stayed until the match reached its' happy conclusion: Mobile 45, Jackson 12.

Well done, Battleship Club!

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  1. The wind was unbelievable... but hte event was great fun, we should do it again.


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