Monday, March 26, 2012

The Loyal & Ancient Order of the Sacred Ocatgon

Groucho Marx famously said that he wouldn't want to be a member of any club that would have him as a member. In my case, however, I am pleased to be accepted by almost any group not on some government watch list. One group that I've found is the Loyal and Ancient Order of the Sacred Octagon, a Facebook-only group that posts in a small corner of that huge web site.

Founded a couple of years ago by Birmingham, Alabama resident and Grand Poobah for Life David Lavies, the Facebook group is designed to appeal to MG owners in particular and British car enthusiasts in general. From time to time, the Gr. Poobah deigns to bestow noble titles on select members of the group while anyone that is accepted for membership (read that as "everyone") is advised to "gird your loins in preparation for the visit of wrench wenches."  

There are a number officially-approved products (Old Speckled Hen ale being one, of course) usually approved by the only official that matters: the Grand Poobah for Life. Heck, we've even got official gear to show your loyalty - and maybe your ancientness.

The Ancient Order is worth checking out for a few laughs and to scope out photos and questions submitted by the Knights and Ladies of the order. Sign on to your Facebook account and search for The Loyal and Ancient Order of the Sacred Octagon. When you do, tell 'em that Sir Rodney McDonald (Grand Duke of the Eastern Shore & its Environs) sent you.  

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