Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Money Shots

Photography by Benoit Guerry
It's hard not to be awed by those fortunate people with great talents. Be they diagnosing automotive faults, turning a truly great phrase or cooking a memorable meal, the world is certainly a better place because of them. 

The art of France-based photographers Vincent Prat and Benoit Guerry is simply stunning in its subject matter and detail. The duo seem to be enthralled with objects of speed and those who drive and care for them. They recently submitted a portraiture study of a Sunbeam S7 Deluxe motorcycle to the always-fascinating Retronaut web site and it is indeed a work of art. 

This 1954 bike is painted the exclusive Deluxe color called Mist Green. The studio lighting and dark backdrop make the old motorcycle positively glow from within. 

Take a few moments to browse the collection containing these images and then wander over to the Guerry &Prat Images web site. Your visit won't be a short one.   

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