Thursday, May 24, 2012

British Car Week 2012

Since 1997 British Car Week has been the way to for enthusiasts to bring the public's attention to our hobby and to let them know that the cars they loved many years ago are alive and well and in good hands. The genesis of British Car Week came from an article written in Road and Track by Peter Egan in which he laments the fact that he saw few classic British cars on the road. 

The first BCW was organized by word of mouth and something called an "internet bulletin board" and an "email list". Today, the organization has a top notch web site and literally dozens of clubs that participate to varying degrees. The folks that run BCW encourage all British car owners to drive their UK-built machines at least one day during the week. Even better is an organized drive where a group of cars can be seen together that will bring attention to the hobby. 

This year's British Car Week is May 26th through June 3rd. I hope you will be able to show off your British pride and joy. I know I'm looking forward to it. 

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