Thursday, May 17, 2012

Getting All Zoomy

In the late 1950s and early 1960s jet aircraft were about as advanced a form of travel as could be imagined. Rocket ships were still in their infancy and the world was probably still trying to wrap their heads around the concept of manned spaceflight. It's no small wonder that the builders of our favorite cars wanted to associate themselves with jet aircraft and I've found a couple of vintage ads that did just that.

First up is an advert from Austin Healey touting the new "100" and its record-setting speed on the Bonneville salt flats. This 1954 magazine ad shows a well dressed couple in their new Big Healey with its windshield folded chatting with the pilot of an F-84 jet fighter.

I doubt that the couple traveled very far in the open top two-seater; the lady's hair is perfect and the gentleman's hat is still on his head cocked just so. The photo just cries out to be part of a caption contest.

Early in the following decade, the MGB was introduced and MG also wanted in on the jet plane image as well. This time, however, the subject is Lute Eldridge - Lockheed F-104 Test Pilot. As you can see from the images, ol' Lute enjoys quality time with his spanking new MGB roadster on his way to another day of testing the razor-winged wonder from Lockheed.

MG apparently specified action in their ad and they got it in spades. Our test pilot friend starts his day by folding down the MG's convertible top so he can soak up that southern California sun. Around lunchtime the top is finally stowed and he's off, kicking up clouds of dust as he motors through the desert short cut to the airfield.

Have you seen other advertising images of British sports cars and aircraft? Drop me line in the comments section.

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