Friday, June 22, 2012

The Cure for Wimpy Shifting

MGBs are known for their delightful "snick-snick" gear shifting characteristics. The short gear lever placed perfectly for wrist-rocking gear changes is one most endearing - and satisfying- aspects of driving it. The action has been likened to a rifle bolt and I can't say that I disagree with that description.

Photo courtesy, Ed Sweeney
Some high mileage 'Bs exhibit a less than perfect shift action with the gear lever feeling loose and rattling or buzzing while driving the car. Fear not, 'B driver, the fix is not internal to the gearbox and can be performed in a matter of minutes while comfortably seated in the car. 

The usual suspect in cases like this is small nylon bushing that cradles the ball on bottom of the shift lever and prevents the lever from rattling in the remote shaft socket. The bushing (sometimes called an anti-rattle bushing) can be found in the Moss Motors online catalog as part number 461-110 BUSH, SHIFT LEVER and as illustration item 114 on this page

To access the bushing, simply remove the trim ring that holds the shift boot or gaiter in place. You'll see a flange (officially the lever seat cover) with three bolt heads. Remove the bolts and pull up the gear lever. Shining a light in the newly-open hole, you'll find the remains of a nylon bushing (mine was off-white in color). It can fished out with a small screwdriver, hooked probe or bent wire. Place the new bushing in the same receptacle and reassemble in the reverse procedure to disassembly. In all a cheap and easy fix.

The result is a much tighter shift action and any vibration induced buzzing of the lever will be eliminated. Just the way the boys on the line in Abingdon intended.      

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