Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar F-Type
OK, lovers of the feline marque,  the so-called spiritual successor to the iconic E-Type (that's an XK-E to you, cowboy) is to be unveiled in Paris later this month. Jaguar has been playing a tease marketing game with the new model by giving it its own dedicated Web site and running camouflaged test cars in public with "SEARCH F-TYPE" proudly pasted on the body.

The aluminum-intensive body structure is said to be highly rigid - a good thing since the F-Type is to be sold in a convertible version only. It will be powered by your choice of two V6 engines with the hotter one cranking out 380 HP. Cog-changing duties are entrusted to an 8 speed paddle shift autobox by ZF.

The F-Type will give Jaguar an "entry-level" sports car competing with the likes of Porsche's Boxter. 

If you want to get the details that Jaguar has released to date check out the official F-Type Web site.

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