Monday, October 28, 2013

An Icon Captured in Oil

Ron Thomson
Fairhope, Alabama - based artist Ron Thomson can always be found in the environs of the Eastern Shore area of Mobile Bay, camera in hand looking for subjects from which to create his popular artwork. Ron happened to be in downtown Fairhope one Saturday when SABCC president Richard Cunningham and I drove our classic cars down for a cup of coffee at the Page & Pallette bookstore/coffee house establishment.

He asked us if it would be OK to photograph Richard's 1964 Jaguar E Type and my 1973 Mini. Being the proud owners that we are we readily agreed. Ron asked about our upcoming British Car Festival and before the photo session was finished, he had an invitation to set up his easel on the show field.

This is the study that Ron did of my Mini and I have to say that I am deeply impressed with what he did. He caught the play of light over the bonnet and using a Union Flag as the background was inspired.

Sadly, I do not own the painting, but I would love to see it in my office.

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