Thursday, February 13, 2014

Shut It!

It’s something of a tradition at US car shows that the entrants raise the hoods (or in our case, and from here on out, the bonnets) of their cars to display the engine compartment.
Courtesy 4pphotography

Some owners even raise the trunk (ahem, boot) lid while on the show field.

Our cousins across the pond normally show their cars with the bonnets firmly latched, according to the photos I’ve seen of British events over the years and I think they could be on to something.

When our cars were designed, they were drawn so that they were at their most attractive with all panels closed: boot lids, bonnets, doors – everything. It would follow, then that when we display our cars, we would want to show them to their best advantage with everything in the closed and stowed position. 

Naturally, when cars as uncommon as the ones we enjoy are displayed, other enthusiasts would like to see how a well turned out model looks under the bonnet and perhaps in the boot area, too. Maybe they’ve got one in restoration and want to pick up a few tips on how everything should look.  We’ve all been the beneficiaries of a peek at other similar cars with me, gratefully included. 

Maybe we, as participants and organizers of British car shows could pick up an idea from our U.K. friends and do at least a portion of our day-long shows with the opening panels closed. Let our cars speak for themselves as the unique vehicles they are.  Then, when the popular choice ballots are given out, invite the owners to open them up for inspection inside and out. 

What do you think?

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