Saturday, October 11, 2014

Behind the Scenes at a Magazine Photo Shoot

As British car enthusiasts, many of us subscribe to one or more magazines that cover the classic car scene. One of my favorites is Hemmings Sports and Exotic magazine - a title from the Hemmings  Motor News family of publications.

Richard Lentinello and Tony McLaughlin's Morgan Plus 8
Richard Shoots the Cunningham Jaguar E-Type
SABCC members may recall the fine coverage of British Car Festival 2013 in the pages of Hemmings Motor News. The May, 2014 issue carried an account of the event written by Executive Editor Richard Lentinello along with some photos provided by club members. Richard asked us to stay in touch and keep him up to date about club happenings and possible stories of interest to Hemmings Sports and Exotic Car readers.  

Mike Darby's Jaguar 240 Gets its Turn
I wrote to him in July with the dates for BCF 2014 in case he was interested in covering the show. Replying that he was booked elsewhere that weekend, he mentioned that he was looking for story suggestions to present to Sports and Exotic Car Editor David LaChance and did I have any ideas that fit the magazine's editorial criteria? I submitted several suggestions and he said he would be in touch.

A few weeks ago, Richard emailed me saying that he would be covering an auction in Biloxi, Mississippi and he would be passing through South Alabama and gave me the list of story suggestions approved for publication. Could I contact the owners, find an appropriate location for a photo shoot and get everyone together for the day?

After a few phone calls, the group was on board and we waited for the day arrive. In the end, Richard planned to photograph and write up stories about Tony McLaughlin's owned-from-new Morgan Plus 8, Richard Cunningham's recently restored Jaguar E-Type, Mike Darby's highly original Jaguar 240 saloon and Bill Silhan's rare AC Ace roadster.  

Frantic detailing of the chosen cars commenced as we watched the weather report in hope that we would have the kind of weather perfect for a photo shoot. It had been decided that everyone but Bill Silhan would meet at the 5 Rivers Delta Center in Spanish Fort for photos. Richard would shoot Bill's car in Pensacola the next day on his way back to his home in South Florida. 

We gathered at the appointed place and hour and Richard scouted out the spots he thought would serve his needs. Selecting his location, he began his methodical photo session. With an eye for minute detail, he requested parking angles, backgrounds and helped the owners with removing personal items from the frame. It was an education to watch him at work. 

With the photo shoot's end, we caravaned to Richard Cunningham's home in Daphne where we cooled off from the heat of the day and shared in conversation about the old car hobby. Richard Lentinello is truly knowledgeable and passionate about classic cars. We certainly look forward to welcoming him back to our area again soon.

For those that do not subscribe to any of the Hemmings titles, I recommend that you check them out.          

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