Friday, November 21, 2014

Give a Cortina a Home

Mark I Ford Cortinas are aren't exactly thick on the ground here in the US. In fact, many of them may have corroded back into the ground waiting to be mined again for some future iron ore use.

An uncommon model of this uncommon car is for sale in Positive Earth's home turf of the American Gulf Coast. A Pensacola, Florida resident has one listed on Craig's List for an unmentioned sum. He claims that it is a 1966 model and the photos show that it is a station wagon (estate car) on Rostyle wheels (mostly).

As to be expected, the car is rather rough with various dents and scrapes. As far as corrosion goes well, you better act quickly while there is still an identifiable car. Yes, it's difficult to make a case for restoration but wouldn't an estate Lotus Cortina clone  be a hoot?  As it is, it would be of value for parts harvesting only.

Check out the Craig's List post here.

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