Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Classic MGB TV Commercial

Here's a classic MGB TV commercial that you may have seen when MGs were still sold in this country.

The dashing parachutist starts the car and drives away. What you don't see is the trail of oil pouring from the punctured sump. At least this take worked out better than the first one...


  1. Oops!! Maybe you remember the Volvo commercial where they had five or six Volvos stacked up on top of each other.. That was filmed at Brookley Field with Volvos from White's Imports that had been flooded during one of the hurricanes (or rainstorms) I went out there and watched the stack them up.

  2. My family rented a house there during that time. The stack was made, the photo taken and it fell. The people at the shoot said the cars were going to be destroyed since they were flooded in Camille.


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