Monday, December 7, 2009

It Pays to Drive Your British Car

The Panhandle Mini group planned a drive last Sunday that started in Pensacola and made its way through some of Baldwin County's back roads. They stopped at the Cracker Barrel restaurant in Spanish Fort for a late breakfast - that's where I met them in the classic Mini.

There were about 20 cars present and the hungry MINI drivers took up a LOT of tables in the eatery. Over breakfast, it was determined that Google Maps had provided some bad information. On
e turn had the caravan going down a dirt road instead of the new highway 181 extension. They asked me to lead them to the junction of Bromley Road where they could pick up the route they were looking for.

The little Mini lead the pack with speed I've never experienced in that car before. The cool morning air agreed with the 998CC
engine and I was cruising at a steady 70 MPH while enjoying the gentle curves on highway 181. At the junction, I pointed the way that the group should take and I peeled off toward highway 225 and home.

When I arrived back at the McDonald homestead, I got my gear out of the back seat of the car. I noticed a coin in the floorboard and on close examination, it turned out to be a New Zealand 5 cent piece. Apparently it was lodged in the drivers seat and the enthusiastic driving shook it loose.

Photo courtesy J B Palladino

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