Sunday, December 13, 2009

SABCC Christmas Party - We Eat & Eat Some More

Our annual Christmas party was today (Sunday) at the recently renovated Riverview Plaza hotel in downtown Mobile. Nearly 40 club members were present and there were several others who wanted to attend but for various reasons could not.

The ever-faithful Sandy Walter was at the room entrance making her list, checking it twice and collecting money for the meal. A supply of name tags was on the registration table for those of us who left our official SABCC name badges at home. I selected 'Tondeleo Jones' as my name for the day.

Club President Noel Eagleson warmly greeted everyone and requested that Jack Ross ask for a blessing on the food. The amens were said at almost the same time the line formed at the buffet. As expected, the food was top rate. Breakfast items as well as more hearty meat and potatoes were on the board to feed the hungry bunch.

After everyone made their way through the line a few more times Noel called us to order and presented a check to the club's selected charity for 2009. The Boys and Girls Clubs of South Alabama, represented by their Executive Director Mary Zoghby, received nearly $1,400.00 from the activities of British Car Festival last October. Ms. Zoghby graciously accepted the funds and spoke briefly about the mission of Boys and Girls Clubs in the area.

After the presentation of the charity check, Noel proceeded to hand out awards for the year:

Sam Walter - Suffering Spouse
Robb Ogletree - 'Safety Fast' Award
Jeremiah Cronk - Grillmaster Award
Sandy Walter - Perfect Attendance
Michael King - Rookie of the Year
Mike Darby - Member of the Year

The obligatory group photos were taken near one of the many Christmas (note: I did not say holiday) trees in the public spaces of the Riverview Plaza.

The club owes a debt of thanks to Sandy Walter who organized the day.

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  1. What a hidden gem your site is. I'm baffled by the dearth of feedback / comments. But you keep on going - good on ya!

    I love the old cars, the retro commercials, and you affection for things mechanical. But what sealed the deal for me was the photo of Christmas pudding with custard.

    My mother is Irish, but married my British father (now departed) at the end of WWII. Christmas pudding (or plum pudding) was a yuletide staple. Last year, she moved west to live with my Brother, and we did without this delicious treat for the first time I can remember.

    I know you site is not about food, per se, but I will definitely be back - great work, sir!


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