Thursday, April 29, 2010

TVR Back from the Brink?

One of Britain's most-often-on-life-support boutique car makers may be back with a vengeance.

TVR has a long history of building bars that were pretty much a step above a kit car in both quality and appearance. Most of them were powered with engines bought in from Ford, BMC or Rover.

TVR is owned by Nikolai Smolenski the 29 year-old son of a Russian oligarch. Smolenski bought TVR in 2004 with promises to keep TVR a British based company. Under Smolenski's leadership TVR went from producing 12 cars a week to 4.

Smolenski announced that TVR production would restart soon, this time building a vehicle powered by a Chevrolet V8 - possibly one with Corvette tuning. Rumor has it that TVR may make a return to the US market.

I'm not holding my breath.

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