Monday, April 26, 2010

MG Concept Shown at Beijing Auto Show

The Chinese masters of the MG marque seem to be giving the British design team some serious input on the future of MG. The MG ZERO concept was unveiled at Auto China 2010 last week and it doesn't look half bad. the four door concept is a 'B' segment car (larger than a MINI, about Ford Focus- sized) is certainly better looking than some of the earlier leaked photos indicated.

A car that can be sold in large numbers is what is required to secure MG's future as a global player. By bringing some of the MG magic to a car that will be driven every day, MG should be able to find a receptive customer base. Hopefully, the profits gained from a volume car like this will enable MG to finance the more sporty cars we remember here in the States. And maybe even return to the nation that bought more MGs than any other on Earth.

Form an MG press release, Guy Jones, MG Motor UK Limited’s Sales and Marketing Director, added: “MG ZERO is crucial to the development of the brand globally, as it gives clear direction for the future beyond the current products. We are all proud to see our British-designed vehicle wearing the MG badge creating such an impact in Beijing. With the MG TF back in production in Birmingham, sales increasing and the MG6 coming at the end of the year, the MG ZERO has come at the perfect time to build further awareness and interest in the brand here in the UK.”


  1. Sweet I love the interior, does it come with a drop top?

  2. No Chris, it comes with a belly mower, the grass catcher is in front.


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