Sunday, June 13, 2010

SABCC Family Picnic - A Hot Time in the Little Town of Silverhill

One of the club's longest-running traditions is the annual family picnic. For a number of years, SABCC enjoyed the relative seclusion of Meier State Park on the Causeway but recent construction there meant we had to find a new venue.

This year marked the second year that SABCC met at Oscar Johnson Memorial Park in the quiet town of Silverhill, Alabama in Baldwin County. The nice folks at city put our name on the calendar to use the pavilion in the center of the
park for our picnic.

The day started early for Mike Darby (a Silverhill resident) and Richard
Cunningham who both arrived to make sure that we had the place nailed down. They set about sweeping the pavilion, putting on table cloths and generally getting the place shipshape. Shortly after the early crew arrived Ron Wolverton and Becky Kramer came on the scene to get the grills going in anticipation of hungry club members. SABCC'ers arrived to the scent of hamburgers and hot dogs sizzling away under Ron's watchful eye. Everyone brought a dish to share, and boy did we have a TON of food to try.

The temperatures soon were hovering in the lower 90s and there was nary a breeze to be felt. A number of members brought fans in an effort to move some air in the pavilion and, while they were helpful, it was still white-sky, shimmering hot!

Club president Noel Eagleson invited everyone there to start through the self-serve line and he didn't have to ask twice. Once lunch was dispensed with Noel calle
d the group to order to begin our June meeting. The business of the day was the selection of a charity to receive a donation from part of the proceeds of British Car Festival 2010. Several worthy groups were introduced and in the end, Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy was chosen. While the club would like to support more than one group, it is felt that we can make a greater impact with a single donation. Several other minor points of business were dispatched in short order.

Becky Kramer always mentions that she enjoys the club activities but she doesn't actually own a
British car. At the picnic she was surprised to learn that her humble Honda CR-V was actually built in Jolly Old. That's right - her Honda was built in the Swindon, UK assembly plant.

All in all, another fun SABCC event.

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