Thursday, July 1, 2010

Free Frogeye Sprite!!

That's right everyone - I'm giving away free Mark I Austin Healey Sprites. Do you know of any other automotive blog site that is as generous as this one?

Before you run out the door to collect your car you should probably know that there is a little bit of assembly work involved. Not the greasy fingernail kind, but the scissors and glue kind. Yep - these are folded paper Sprites. Oy! you in the back - they are NOT paper dolls!

You can download your free Frogeye with these links:

A light blue one is here.

An Old English White one is here.

An Almond Green is one is here.

And a red one is here.

And the assembly instructions are here.

Be sure to visit Ichiyama's Paper Cards site for more cool folded paper projects. It's in Japanese, so good luck navigating it!

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