Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Spitfire Finds a New Hangar

The unloved Triumph Spitfire that Richard Cunningham and I took in some time back was on display (unintentionally) the recent SABCC 'noggin & natter' at the Garagemahal. Several club members took time to look the old girl over, ask questions, offer advice or just wince.

The Spittie won't win any beauty contests, but she's got a pretty good heart. This was proven when Richard and I got a good battery hooked up and gave it a splash of gas. She started on the first turn of the key and showed a healthy 60psi oil pressure.

SABCC'er and all around good guy Don Pritchett has an eye for the unloved and looked a little closer at the car. In fact, he's taking her in. That's right - Don is going to adopt the old car and give it the love it needs.

Stay tuned for details!

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