Saturday, September 25, 2010

Road Racing 24/7

I've recently found a way to indulge my passion for watching road racing. RaceFansTV is an online source for nearly any sort of racing that involves turning right as well as left.

It is easy to log on and watch competitive events in sports car, touring car, open wheel and motorcycling as well as several other forms racing. It's free to watch events as they are streamed online, but for $5.00 a month, you can get more flexibility in the viewing schedule. The images are certainly not TV screen-sized, but they are adequate for individual viewing on your computer monitor.

I enjoy watching the documentary channel where you can see interesting presentations from the recent past as well as subjects ranging back to the dawn of the sport.

I used to watch this sort of thing on the late, lamented Speedvision before it became the neutered, reality-TV plagued wasteland it is now in the form of SPEED TV .


  1. I just found RaceFansTV last week. I can see where it will be a great time sink ah......research site.

  2. I believe RaceFansTV is actually run by the man who started the original Speedvision.


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