Friday, September 24, 2010

A Smaller MINI

MINI has presented a trio of scooter concepts in London and later at the Paris Motor Show. The scooters are electric powered and are designed for high-style urban commuting in the larger cities of Europe. While these have been introduced as concepts, there is a better than even chance that the two wheelers will see production.

Automakers are facing more stringent corporate fuel economy standards around the world and many manufacturers are turning to gasoline-electric hybrids or pure electric vehicles to plump their numbers. BMW, MINI's corporate master, has long been rumored to revive the Isetta name - actually trademarking i-Setta - to place on a family of sub-MINI electric powered cars. An electric scooter would fit nicely in those plans.

Scooters are red-hot in most US markets, with a new generation discovering the joys motorcycling without actually riding a motorcycle. There's actually a group in Fairhope calling themselves Mods and Rockers in homage to the movement in 1950-1960 England.

I'm thinking that these scooters would be a major success here if they go into production.

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